Saturday, November 22, 2014


Yasmine Hamdan is one of the most unique ambassadors of the Arabic music globally. Her sensual vocals and natural charisma are some of the reasons why she continues to have a cult following internationally whether it's through her original Beirut based, now-legendary trip hop duo Soapkills, through her electro incarnation as Y.A.S. with the electronic wizard that is Mirwais Ahmadzaï or finally through her sophisticated solo recordings. Both "Nediya" and "Hal", recently used in Jim Jarmusch's excellent "Only Lovers Left Alive", come from her latest solo album "Ya Nass". Both tracks are oozing class and musical finesse. Back in April last year Yasmine Hamdan created THIS playlist especially for my blog.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

CHOON OF THE DAY: "DO YOU FEEL THE SAME?" - Hercules & Love Affair feat. Gustaph

So it looks like we might have another candidate for the video of the year. Alex & Liane directed this pastel visual feast for Hercules & Love Affair's "Do You Feel The Same?" featuring the awe-inspiring Gustaph and his impressively diverse vocal range. The first single from "The Feast Of The Broken Heart" gets re-released via Defected in February 2015.

Monday, November 17, 2014


Have you ever heard of Interplanetary Bass? Alo Wala is a new multi-vibrant dance act created by individuals from Chicago, Copenhagen and Stavanger. Their ebullient hybrid of Bollywood, dancehall, global beats, ragga and urban vibes is genuinely quirky and instantly appealing. "Cityboy" lies somewhere between Linkoban, M.I.A. and Buraka Som Sistema. An immediate winner.

"ALO WALA is the sound of a new Europe, a new world, and a new way of thinking about one another as belonging to an interconnected global society. Today in a time when dancehall and hip hop informed culture has taken hold worldwide, local club DJs, multi-lingual rappers and bedroom producers are coming into their own and becoming leaders of a new generation. ALO WALA is poised to step out as one of the bright lights of this movement." - we read on their official Facebook page. The 5-track EP is out now via Enchufada and the luminous video was directed by Jamil GS.

Saturday, November 15, 2014


It's "hit and miss" with me and iamamiwhoami but I have to admit "Shadowshow" is one of the most beautiful songs I heard in years... This is synth-pop at its most refined and its sleekest.  The closing track from the enthralling Swedish songstress' latest LP "Blue", is yet to be portrayed visually but its astounding melody and impeccable production will melt any sensitive listener's heart. Extremely impressed I am almost certain "Shadowshow" will end up among Top 10 best tracks of 2014 in my annual countdown. I just can't get enough of it. "Blue" is out now!

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

LA MURPHY SAGA CONTINUES: "INVISIONS" - Luca C & Brigante feat. Róisín Murphy

No surprise I went completely berserk and ecstatic hearing this teaser just about 2 hours ago for the first time. After all Róisín Murphy is the artist I have been worshipping for the past 2 decades continuously and she also happens to be the artist I blogged about the most in the 5 year old history of my musical "carousel". A separate exclusively dedicated thread speaks for itself I suppose and is something only La Murphy can acquire ;-) So the Irish disco empress is back with an absolute dancefloor stomper - "Invisions" is a join effort with the Italian duo Luca C & Brigante, a pair responsible for "Flash Of Light", their collaborative slice of moody deep house which graced us back in 2012. The single is out soon via the cult house label Hot Creations and shapes to be the last great dance record in 2014. Irresistible melody, classic production, those goosebump-causing vocals and with some delicate Moloko reminiscences, surely a recipe for a club anthem.

"Invisions" is a wholly refreshing Italo House dream with old school melodic synths riding under Róisín’s seamless vocal. The release also features a ‘Club Version’ adding warm, rounded chimes and an infectious bassline. Hot Creations boss Jamie Jones delivers his ‘Submerged Remix’, deep and dark, destined for the earlier hours of the morning. The highly respected Luke Solomon also makes his first appearance on the label, rounding off the package with his ‘Body Dub’ version, directed straight at the dancefloor with a prominent hypnotic loop, driving hats and a distinctive, abstract melody."

CHOON OF THE DAY: "WHO DO YOU LOVE" - Kindness feat. Robyn

It's time for the 3rd single from Kindness' excellent new album "Otherness" and I am delighted he chose to release his wonderful collaboration with Robyn, a charming synth pop moment filled with broken beats and early 90's club and urban nostalgia. Melancholic, absorbing and unique. You can listen to an interview with both of the artists, talking about each other, their music inspirations and making of "Who Do You Love?" video HERE if you skip to the 30min mark of the show.