Thursday, March 5, 2015


Shaun J. Wright & Alinka, Chicago based house duo extraordinaire are back with their 4th Twirl release "Love Songs" which could easily be introduced as their finest joint effort to date. This sensual, sleekly produced slice of underground house is an irresistible invitation to vogue and your shiniest dancefloor moment on a Saturday night. Hypnotic, seductive and inescapable, the single, which drops 30th March, is accompanied by some of Wright's most memorable (and sexiest!) vocals to date and by 2 intriguing remixes. The twisted, slightly "Kraftwerkian" re-work by Harry Cross and the pulsating, dancefloor-ready mix by The Carry Nation. I've been loving all of their releases so far, I'm particularly fond of "Wait For Love" but "Twirl 004" may as well be Alena and Shaun's most fruitful and compelling collaboration yet.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015


"A Message" is another stellar production by the scarily talented Alejandro Ghersi, better known by his stage name Arca. Following his futuristic and unique aural escapades with Björk and FKA Twigs, the Venezuelan producer teams up with one of the most progressive American artists of the younger generation Kelela, for her brand new EP "Hallucinogen" which promises to take us "on a journey through lust, longing, delirium and ecstasy". One of the female pioneers of the alternative R&B movement, Kelela gained both enthusiastic praise from the critics and a cult status among her devoted fanbase for her debut mixtape "Cut 4 Me" where she added her own vocals on over instrumental tracks by DJs the likes of Kingdom, Nguzunguzu and Bok Bok. The stylish video for "A Message" was directed by Daniel Sannwald.

"Hallucinogen" is out 5th May 2015.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Crème de la crème: TOP 20 BEST OF FEBRUARY 2015

20 (N) "Leisure Suit Preben (I:Cube Remix)" - Todd Terje (Olsen Records)

19 (N) "Right Here, Right Now" - Giorgio Moroder feat. Kylie Minogue (Sony Music)

18 (N) "Greet Me" - Anya (Sound Of Copenhagen)

17 (N) "Ba$$in" - Yelle

16 (N) "Sirens" - Young Karin (Pannonica)

15 (N) "Think Of You" - Ibeyi (XL Recordings)

14 (N) "Ego" - Tove Styrke (Sony Music)

13 (N) "I Had This Thing" -  Röyksopp feat. Jamie McDermott (Dog Triumph)

12 (N) "Huarache Lights" - Hot Chip (Domino Recording)

11 (N) "Kong" - Julio Bashmore feat. BIXBY (Broadwalk Records)

10 (N) "The Only Girl" - Snacks (WE MUSIC)

9 (4) "Stonemilker" - Björk (One Little Indian)

8 (N) "Be" - Citizenn feat. Starving Yet Full + Hercules & Love Affair Remix (2020Vision Recordings)

7 (N) "This Is What You Get When You Mess With Love" - Gus Gus (Kompakt)

6 (N) "Electric Shock" - Midnight Magic (Soul Clap Records)

5 (N) "You Made The World Go Round" - Hard Ton (Luv Shack Records)

4 (N) "Gone Fishing" - Róisín Murphy (Play It Again Sam)

3 (2) "Aerobic Lambada" - Zhala (Konichiwa Records)

2 (N) "Dream Story" - Laura Groves (DEEK Recordings)

1 (5) "Delirious" - Susanne Sundfør (Sonnet Sound)

Monday, March 2, 2015


London songstress Laura Groves just delivered her 2nd EP "Committed Language" for Deek Recordings. This collection of exquisitely produced Dream Pop songs lies somewhere cosily between the sounds of Nite Jewel, M83, Jenny Wilson and iamamiwhoami. "Dream Story" stands out the most among all 4 tracks, beguiling its listeners with a charming profusion of vocal harmonies, unexpected melody twists and unassuming, gentle arrangement of all the impeccably selected instruments. It's a little sonic escapade I don't want to end... A sheer aural delight...

Thursday, February 26, 2015

SHREM'S LIST OBSESSION: Midnight Magic's Top 10 Most Magical Cosmic Disco Anthems

I have been following Midnight Magic's sounds almost religiously since they dropped their bombastic and instantly anthemic debut 12" "Beam Me Up". The one that included that legendary Jacques Renault remix. This Brooklyn cosmic disco ensemble with the charismatic and vocally sensational Tiffany Roth then continued to spoil us with numerous records, EP's and an exuberant debut LP via a whole array of cult labels, the likes of Scion Audio/Visual, Soul Clap and Permanent Vacation. Now that Midnight Magic are starting their mini tour in Europe and the band is in the middle of recording their 2nd album I thought it would be rather fitting to go over their vibrant catalogue of songs so far and cherry-pick the ones I admire the most.

Hidden Agenda are bringing Midnight Magic to Opium Rooms, Dublin this Saturday. Buy your ticket HERE.

Here's the latest in the series of my very subjective list: Midnight Magic's Top 10 Most Magical Cosmic Disco Anthems:

#10 "Vicious Love"

#9 "I Found Love" (with Tommie Sunshine)

#8 "Midnight Creepers"

#7 "Night Flight"

#6 "Calling Out"

#5 "Beam Me Up"

#4 "Someone's Watching Me"

#3 "Walking The Midnight Streets"

#2 "Drop Me A Line"

#1 "Trouble T"


One can never have enough of talented, up and coming Icelandic acts, right? Young Karin - "Debut of the Year" at the Icelandic Music Awards the other week, are celebrating the award and the release of their first EP with a video for "Sirens" an instantly haunting urban flavoured synth-pop moment. Ridiculously catchy and absolutely flawless!

Here's the whole "n°1" EP with a remix by Múm: